Thank weather gods for having blown us to Bretagne!

Camaret sur Mer, Bretagne

It was not that bad ending up in Camaret, after all… We are back in Paradise! 🙂

Five boats from Norway are still here in Camaret (see pics here), a little colony of sailing enthusiasts that have much in common: a whole year under sails from Norway to Bretagne. Some will proceed for Cherbourg or South England, while we and FRYD will leave for Ireland probably on Monday (we wait for the weather router’s report). THat means almost three days at sea again, heading straight North (it’s going to get even colder, sigh!).

We needed to enjoy life after the last days of our passage from the Azores to Europe with gales on the nose. Camaret has given us much more than just relaxing. Bretagne is really fascinating: a stunning landscape, exquisite food (crayfish of all kinds like mussles, clams and oysters, duck meat, paté de fois gras, chevre cheese…) and wine, friendly people + an interesting culture and own traditions that we appreciate a lot. We were lucky that were brought here by the winds before going to Ireland! We would have missed much otherwise!

Camaret sur Mer: the tides make the bay change all the time

The boat seems to have tackled the tough crossing with no wounds. The skipper has checked the engine, the hull and the rig, he swapped the impeller – and when when he wanted to swap also the small screws on the impeller lid (one was broken), he found out that Volvo Penta in Holmen (Norway) had given him wrong screws! So he had to find an alternative solution that works.

Since Monday we have worked with washing boat and clothes, we have calmed down together with the Norwegian friends, enjoyed each other’s company in the cockpit and had tasty dinners every night. What a life! Today we are going to discover the surroundings and check at the tourist office how we can get to La Rochelle by bus/TGV. FRYD and VIKING CRUSADER will go with us. The skipper was in La Rochelle in 2004 when we bought Avventura at the Dufour Yard. He liked La Rochelle so much that he now wants to bring us all there. We will find a hotel when we are there for staying there at least one night.

A Low is passing in our sailing grounds during the weekend, but the weather should improve after Monday. We will head for Dublin then and from there we go straight to the Isle of Man. We do not have much time to visit all the interesting places that Kevin & Jean told us about. That’a a pity. We have to come back to Ireland once in the future and discover its beauties in no hurry.


En kommentar om “Thank weather gods for having blown us to Bretagne!

  1. La Bretagna è una regione bellissima, con il sole e con la pioggia, con il cielo azzurro o con il grigio nebbioso, con le maree che cambiano continuamente il paesaggio, con la sua musica!
    Ciao Stefania, bentornata nella vecchia (vecchia davvero) Europa!

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