A stroll in Quimper (Kemper)…

DSC_0041-73Only one hour by bus from Camaret sur Mer (less than 2 Euro per person, bus line 10 from Camaret’s main square) you find a beautiful Breton town, which is really worth a visit…

Quimper (in Breton Kemper) is well known because of the imposing Gothic cathedral of Corentin and the cosy, old city all around. Characteristic buildings made of bricks and wood, an old market which has been restored and is still in use, totally modern inside. They sell fish, crayfish, candies, fruits and meat inside, while all around you find booths which sell accessories like handbags, caps, bijoux, etc.

The cathedral

The town is renowned and the tourists abound, but it is worth a visit. The cathedral especially is marvelous. A blend of Gothic style outside and Romanesque inside. There was a marriage on going today, so we had only a short look inside.

Chocolate masterpieces 🙂

Chocolate shops and patisseries with exquisite cakes and small sweets were a big temptation today :-D…  Also the beautiful fashion shops, elegant boutiques with modern housholding articles, lots of nice creperies, bistrots, pubs, taverns and restaurants… Also it was interesting driving by bus through several small nice villages like Locronan, Crozot, etc…

Driving by bus along the coast back to Camaret

Driving through the Presq’Ile de Crozon (Crozon peninsula) was really a surprise: stunning sceneries all along the coast, huge beaches that get even wider at low tide… Cosy, tiny villages with small details which tell you how much love people in Bretagne put in decorating and taking care of their homes… A landscape made of delicate, soft colours, dominated by old stone houses, each with its lush hortensia plants. Either sun or rain, the atmosphere is unique. Even the roundabouts are ornated with flowers, plants and stone decorations. Bretagne impressed today as well.

See pictures from our stroll in Quimper today…


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