Short, but cracking good!

DSC_0023-81Our stay in Ireland is going to be short. In 1,5 hours we are heading for Peel, Isle of Man (ca. 70 nm). So we have to say bye bye to Dublin with a sense of betrayal…

We have to hurry up and leave far too early because of a good weather window today. This town would deserve much much more time.

We «made» Dublin yesterday with Wenche, Ulf and Bendik. Took the Dart train and we were in the heart of Dublin by 30 minutes. Visited Dublin Castle, Trinity College and had a stroll through the whole center of the town, from Temple Bar to Grafton Street. Of course the sensation is that we MUST come back, not only to explore Dublin by day, but to experience it by night!

Anyway we had the opportunity to explore Howth by night, which is certainly not as trendy as having a drink at Temple Bar. But we ate exquisite fish (I had ray wings for the first time in my life)… Howth is renowned because of its fish restaurants, it is a fishing village! We heard live music at the pub and the atmosphere was pretty Irish: the pub was full of very nice girls with sparkling shoes and dressed as if they had to attend a royal wedding! We sailor mums felt a bit too old and out of fashion this time, but who cares 😉 We had with us good old fashioned sailor paps who were as out of fashion as us, but as attractive as the locals, hi hi 🙂

The marina here is very nice and well managed, Howth Yacht Club is Ireland’s biggest. We payed 37 Euro per night without electricity. Internet included.

See the pics from yesterday’s tour

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