Peel is fun!

DSC_0083-54Dear Jean & Kevin @Amokura,

thanks a lot for recommending Peel to us. The place is simply fascinating, although the skipper thinks it is too bloody cold here 🙂 He keeps saying that the Mediterranean is much much better than the Isle of Man as for temperature, sorry for that! 🙂

Stefania loves this island and the people from it, and would like to come back to see the rest though. The people are in fact very friendly and it is fun talking to them. Peel is a quiet place with beautiful natural surroundings, charming architecture and lovely food (smoked kippers, crab meat, fish & chips, etc…).
Stef had a nice tour on the top of the hill near the castle today, Fun! Beautiful scenery!

DSC_0090-44We miss the cracking good time we have had together in the Caribbean and think a lot of you here while visiting your home sailing grounds.
Big hugs from Avventura, @ Isle of Man.