From dream to nightmare


Back home on 22 July 2011 – Backt to brutality…

This is our first night at home after having lived in the marina on board on Avventura for some days. We are sitting in front of the telly at home and are watching the news about the explosion which has killed several people in Oslo today + the shooting at Utøya (1 hour from Oslo) where some young people from AP (The Norwegian Labour Party) were killed this afternoon.

«Usually you hear this about Afghanistan or Iraq, but this time it is happening where we live!», commented Martin today. «Incredible!»

Martin stayed at Cathrine’s place in Oslo the last two days, not far from where the bomb exploded. They shopped in that same area yesterday and left only half an hour before it all happened today. Luckily they both came here because we thought of having a cosy dinner at home together tonight – the first one after our one-year-long voyage.

We have no more words to say today to you friends from abroad that wonder how we are. We do not feel up to telling you how wonderful our trip was. We are all shaken and are very, very happy with having both Martin  and Cathrine safe and sound with us.

What a sad, sad day!


2 kommentarer om “From dream to nightmare

  1. Welcome back friends
    Surely you expected a different reception back home, I hope not obscure the wonderful seen and experienced by you in this challenging year.
    Thank God you’re still all together in your home, ready to tell your grand experiment.
    See you soon
    Hello Manfri

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